has been appointed by the Turkish Accreditation Agency / TÜRKAK as ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification Body within the scope of TS EN ISO / IEC 17021 - 1 standard..  

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BENART, It provides certification services as a result of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Audit with its expert team of Chief Auditors, Auditors and Technical Experts.

ISO's Definition: It is the short form of ISO 'International Organization for Standardization', that is, a quality management system standard created by the international standardization organization. ISO 9001 Certificate, on the other hand, determines the assurance that the products or services of the relevant organization are produced as a result of a management approach that is shipped and managed in accordance with an internationally accepted management system, and thus the continuity of the product and service quality of the organization can be ensured.

ISO 9001; It is a standard that defines the quality management system. The organization can obtain ISO 9001 certificate when it meets the requirements of this standard. The document shows that the organization's products and services are manufactured to an internationally accepted standard. Its standard center has been developed by the International Organization of Standardization (IOS), located in the city of Geneva, Switzerland, in which more than 90 countries are members. The authorization to authorize certification companies is given to the accreditation boards of the member countries. TÜRKAK- accreditation authority in Turkey are given.

Benefits of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Application 

  • To gain new job opportunities by documenting that it works in accordance with the internationally recognized standard.
  • Effective implementation reduces customer satisfaction and complaints from customers
  • Reducing costs and errors by improving product and service quality
  • Reducing time and material loss
  • Increasing the effectiveness of production, planning and problem solving studies
  • Improving employee motivation and communication within the company

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